The Best High-Risk Auto Insurance Companies

if you’re having trouble getting automobile insurance due to a lapse in coverage, an at-fault car accident or a DUI, you’ll need a policy from a nonstandard insurer, also referred to as a high-risk auto insurance firm. Nonstandard companies sell automobile insurance to drivers who are the riskiest to hide and should not be ready to find policies from standard companies.

Because of this risk, nonstandard insurers typically charge customers higher rates than standard insurance companies. The policy for a high-risk driver can also have additional restrictions.

What is a high-risk driver?
“High risk” doesn’t necessarily equate to being a nasty driver. It includes an outsized subset of drivers, many of whom can’t get coverage from major insurers.

Many companies concentrate on high-risk automobile insurance for nonstandard drivers, but there’s no standard definition all insurers use. High-risk drivers may include people who:

  • Have tickets, at-fault accidents or DUI convictions.
  • Have allowed their coverage to lapse.
  • Are newly licensed.
  • Are elderly.
  • Have poor credit.
  • Own an exotic or high-powered vehicle.

High-risk auto insurance companies will typically cover drivers who need an SR-22, also referred to as an FR-44 in some states. Insurers will fill the shape together with your state’s department of automobiles if you would like one.

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Where to seek out high-risk auto insurance
Although some major insurance companies, like Geico and Progressive, do insure some high-risk drivers, others like Safe Auto and therefore the General concentrate on them. counting on what causes you to high-risk, any of those companies could offer rock bottom automobile insurance rates.

Certain agencies and brokers like Good2Go and Freeway Insurance also provide nonstandard insurance. Brokers charge a further fee that the majority states, but not all, require them to disclose. If you employ one, ask if there are any additional fees not included in your automobile insurance quote.

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  • ibrahere, you’re the best! Such helpful articles.
    I found my auto insurance company through your website and I’ve had it for almost a year (and it was the cheapest high risk insurance ever!), but unfortunately Access Insurance is getting liquidated within the next 12 days and that leaves me without insurance. Any tips?

    • Hi zlatan- thanks for your comments, we’re so glad you found our resources helpful!

      If you’re looking for a new insurance policy, our auto insurance tool is a great place to start. It allows you to compare estimates from several providers at once.

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