8 Travel Hacks to save lots of You Money

While most folks like to travel and see the planet, we don’t always love the prices that accompany it. Between airfare, hotels, car rentals and city tours, travel expenses can add up quickly.

But with touch planning, you’ll cut a number of those costs drastically, or maybe eliminate them!

Check out a number of these great travel hacks which will stretch your travel dollars and make your vacation both affordable and enjoyable.

Buy Plane Tickets on Tuesday

For whatever reason, airfare seems to be lowest on Tuesday, specifically in the dark . consistent with Hopper.com, people that booked their tickets on a Tuesday in the dark were ready to save about six percent on plane tickets.

The days you select to travel also can have an impression, albeit minimal, with weekdays generally being cheaper for flying than traveling on the weekend.

Mileage and Points
Most major schedule carriers have mileage programs, and utilizing these programs can mean big savings, especially once you combine them with the carrier’s MasterCard program.

For instance, Alaska Airlines‘ Visa card gives you a whopping 30,000 miles after qualifying purchases once you check-in, which is enough mileage for a return ticket, also as a yearly companion ticket, which suggests you’ll bring a lover and only pay a little fee for his or her fare.

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